When you launch a new product/service, do you keep working on the previous products?

No. The goal is to get them fully automated (either through technology or virtual assistance) by the end of the month). I plan circling back to some of the more successful startups later to build on the 4 week MVP.

I want to learn to program mobile apps. Suggestions?

Swift and Objective-C are the best for iOS and you’ll need Java if you want to do Android. Here are some awesome tutorials, but be warned, building apps is hard as is learning a new language!

 How do I find a technical co-founder?
The best advice for finding a technical co-founder is to get out there and meet people. Go to hackathons, meetups, and events. If you want to find one quickly, go to more (3-5 a week). Make sure you make it known what you’re looking for. As you begin to pitch yourself (which you will naturally do just by talking about your product and why you’re at the event), one of the first things you should say is your ask.
“Hi, I’m Suresh and I’ve got a a live video platform. I’m looking for a technical co-founder, do you know anyone?”
Straight and to the point. Sure, you can shoot the shit with them afterwards but be protective of your time.